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What is the Behavioral Health Integration Complex Care Initiative?

The Behavioral Health Integration Complex Care Initiative (BHICCI)  is an ambitious partnership between IEHP and 13 of it’s forward thinking member provider organizations in a two-year pilot to create integrated, population based health homes. The Initiative ultimately aims to improve the wellness of IEHP members in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. The organizations include county public hospitals, county and private federally qualified health centers, county departments of behavioral health, private substance abuse and mental health treatment organizations, a board and care center, and an adult day health care.

The Initiative uses behavioral health integration as a key strategy for building health homes.

What is the problem the BHICCI is addressing?

The disproportionate suffering of those with complex health needs, which also means care that has historically been less effective and higher cost.

What is the BHICCI trying to accomplish?

  • Improve the wellbeing and whole health outcomes of individuals with complex physical health, mental health conditions and/or co-occurring substance use treatment needs through the creation of compassionate, integrated, whole health homes.
  • Improve population health capacity within organizations, to support improved treatment outcomes
  • Identify and strengthen health neighborhood partners, and the mutual connection and collaboration with health homes.

What are the criteria for the target population of the Pilot and how large is it?

  • The number of individuals ranges from 100-300 in each health care organization piloting the creation of a health home.
  • The individuals are members of the Inland Empire Health Plan.
  • The individuals have two or more chronic conditions and at least one of those conditions is a mental health disorder and/or a substance abuse disorder.  (Note that in the BHICCI children’s organization, the individuals may not meet this criteria)

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