BHICCI Charter

Download the BHICCI Charter (.pdf)

The health care system serving the Inland Empire has too few providers and isolated partners who are disconnected from the behavioral health system. This results in poor quality of care, poor health outcomes, and prohibitively high costs. The lack of technology infrastructure further compounds the problem. The Behavioral Health Integration Complex Care Initiative (BHICCI) aims to engage provider teams to test and implement fundamental practice changes—that is, to develop an array of “health homes” and integrated complex care management systems within local health organizations. During its Pilot phases, the BHICCI services will be focused on individuals who can benefit from integrated complex care management and who have two or more chronic conditions: a chronic medical condition AND a mental health disorder and/or a substance use/addictive disorder (aligned with Section 2703 of the California Dept. of Health Care Services Health Homes for Persons with Complex Needs). The key commitments of this Initiative include:

  • Improving both patient and health care team experience;
  • Improving care coordination and integration of primary, specialty, addiction and mental health care across and between healthcare/treatment settings;
  • Improving complex care management of individuals with chronic conditions;
  • Improving population health management by using data analytics;
  • Improving access; and,
  • As a result of these fundamental changes improving population health outcomes and reducing overall health care costs in the Inland Empire safety net.

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