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Marc Avery, MD
As a psychiatrist and physician, I am privileged to be involved in efforts to improve the integration of behavioral health and primary care. I am especially pleased to be part of the BHII due to the emphasis of the person-centered, holistic services.
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Gale Bataille, MSW
Practice Coach
I am passionate about improving the lives of people with behavioral health problems, integrating care, and advocating for health care as a fundamental right. Working with IEHP and BHI-I sites and systems offers a unique and rich opportunity to support and partner in making fundamental changes that matter.
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Leslie Brooks
Population Health Implementation Project Manager
Data tells a story. I am honored to support the integrated, whole-person, patient-centered care provided by the BHICCI clinics and teams with a clinical registry and real-time, actionable data that informs care.
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Emily Brandenfels, MD
Practice Coach
As a physician committed to improving healthcare for the safety net population, I am humbled by the needs of individuals which extend beyond my ability to address them. I joined the BHI-I because it is clear in these efforts, that the best care requires a team, not just one individual provider.
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Sherrin Buras
Executive Assistant to Jennifer Clancy
"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." -Albert Einstein
Jennifer Clancy
Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” I am honored that I get to be part of the BHI-I because it is about health care teams passionately committed to fundamental change that improves the lives of individuals who rely on the healthcare system to be its very best.
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Stacey Devenney
Practice Coach, MS, CDP
I am passionate about helping build teams and programs that work with individuals toward recovery and resilience in an environment that provides whole health care. I am proud to join BHI-I and help build upon their foundation of integrated and person-centered care.
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Jaesu Han
Advisor, MD
Individual healthcare providers often find themselves able to see just pieces of the overall health picture of their clients. I am pleased to be involved in the BHI-I as we bring tools to systems and providers so they can work with their clients to improve their the whole health.
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Dale Jarvis
Advisor, CPA
We know how to create a great health delivery system in the U.S. I’ve joined the BHI-I project because it’s bringing resources, tools and coaching to those who can make it happen – the clinicians and support staff who work on the front lines.
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Michael Mabanglo
Practice Coach, PhD
I’m passionate about integrated care that is client-centered, population-based, and measurement-informed. The BHI-I provides a unique opportunity for system-wide transformation. Within this initiative, regional healthcare organizations collaborate to solve challenging problems, so that Safety Net clients will receive the effective care they so deserve. I am excited to be part of this audacious effort.
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Elizabeth Morrison
Practice Coach, LCSW, MAC
What I am most curious about in healthcare is how human beings connect with each other, how empathy is conveyed, and the impact of this, both for the patient’s healing, as well as the care-givers experience. The fact that BHI-I is committed to keeping the human experience at the center of this initiative is what drew me to this exciting project.
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Rex Nickerson
Project Manager
“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan W. Watts.
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Michelle Jo Park
Practice Coach, MD
I consider a privilege to be a part of this innovative initiative, working alongside talented and dedicated colleagues to improve the lives, health outcomes and experiences of patients and fellow clinicians.
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Jeffrey M. Ring, Ph.D.
Practice Coach
As a bilingual health psychologist, I have built my career around the elimination of health inequities. This BHICCI work on behavioral health integration for underserved communities in the Inland Empire is a rich contribution to improving whole person wellness: body and mind together.
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Lorin M. Scher
Practice Coach, MD
I am honored to work with such a talented team on the BHICCI initiative. I enjoy helping clinics integrate behavioral health within primary care settings, as these models improve the lives of our patients and clients. Also, patients with complex medical and psychiatric illnesses require collaborative efforts from a talented interdisciplinary team, and I enjoy helping health systems with these practice transformations.
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Paul Tegenfeldt, MSW
Practice Coach
We know how to make a positive difference in the lives of those in our communities who are the most sick and the most isolated. The answer lies in creating and resourcing integrated, caring and high functioning teams of behavioral health and medical professionals who work together to support their patients in moving from isolation to community and from sickness to wellness. I am honored to be a part of the JCC team in doing this important work.

 IEHP Team

Elise Pomerance
Senior Medical Director, Practice Transformation, MD, MPH
“…leaders are people who ‘walk ahead,’ people genuinely committed to deep changes, in themselves and in their organizations.” – Peter Senge, The Dance of Change (1999)
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Bev Ching
Manager, Practice Transformation, RN
I have been working with physical and behavioral health for over 40 years. During this time, I have been frustrated by the roadblocks our Members experience in trying to access behavioral health. I am excited about the opportunity to integrate physical and behavioral health through Practice Transformation. Our Members are going to be able to receive the appropriate care they need when they need it.
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Catherine Knox
Clinical Director of Practice Transformation, RN, PHN, MSN
I am thrilled to join this talented team of innovators as we continue to strive for excellence in complex care integration. Whole Person Care is the ideal approach to addressing high risk, vulnerable members who need quality care integration. It is exciting to build on best practice to transform our healthcare delivery system into something that is member-centric and improves health outcomes. Hopefully this model becomes the gold standard to improve member experience, improve health outcomes, control costs and sustain a committed and caring healthcare workforce in the Inland Empire.
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Matthew Wray
Integration Process Manager, MPA, CSSGB
Healthcare is dynamic. Though progress can seem maddeningly slow, the system is constantly reinventing itself. As we work to improve access to care for patients with mental illness, I’m excited to work alongside such bright minds to help shape behavioral and physical health integration in our community, and ultimately support improved personal, community and population health outcomes.
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Christopher Oakley
Program Analyst, MPH, MPA
I’ve heard the whole-person healthcare concept being thrown around for years, without seeing much by way of execution. However, I believe that we have brought together a team that not only has the motivation to succeed, but also the resources, experience, and foresight to sustain the massive undertaking that is clinical transformation.
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Samuel Torres
Business Analyst
After working for the last five years with senior, disability and LGBT communities, I see Practice Transformation as a real opportunity to revolutionize the relationship between the Provider and the Member. Practice Transformation aims to spearhead that revolution by nurturing an infrastructure that will successfully coordinate the social, physical and behavioral health, as well as the data resources available to our Providers and Members with complex needs. I am excited to be part of this determined team and will do everything in my power to help move this initiative forward.
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Heidi Pringle
Program Coordinator
After working in Behavioral Health and Health Administration over the past 5 years I decided to join this team of talented and passionate individuals that are sharing their resources, knowledge and experience to assist with Clinical Transformation and show the importance of whole person care in a world of fragmented health care.
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Liliana Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
I hope to bring my two years of experience at IEHP to help solve persistent problems in the healthcare system and improve the outcomes of people with both mental and chronic health disorders.
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 UCSD Team

Dr. Todd Gilmer, PhD, Evaluation Project Director
Department of Family Medicine and Public Health, University of California, San Diego
I am very interested in evaluation and quality improvement in behavioral health services. The BHI-I represents a major effort at integrating mental and physical health care and improving the health of the residents of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. I am delighted to be working with such a strong team, and to be able to help identify and convey the lessons learned from this initiative.
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Dr. Benjamin Henwood, PhD, LCSW, Senior Associate
University of Southern California School of Social Work
I’ve worked to improve care for adults with behavioral health conditions who experience some of the most significant health disparities in the United States and whose leading cause of death are preventable medical conditions. The BHI-I project represents a serious attempt to address this gap.
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Dr. Andrew Sarkin, PhD
Health Services Research Center University of California, San Diego
Having witnessed the success of integrating care for people with multiple health challenges, I am very eager as a clinical psychologist and program evaluator to demonstrate the benefits of this landmark behavioral health program providing integrated care to the people we serve.
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Kim Center, MA, Evaluation Program Manager
Health Services Research Center University of California, San Diego
I believe that partnership between health care organizations and evaluators can lead to system-wide change that can improve quality of life and wellbeing for patients. The BHI-I project provides an exciting opportunity to work with a committed team of coaches and health care organizations and help document program effectiveness and an innovative process of clinic transformation to improve integrated care.
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Amy Panczakiewicz, MA, Program Evaluation Specialist
Health Services Research Center University of California, San Diego
Collaboration among service providers is a key component in the successful treatment of those with multiple healthcare needs. I am eager to help demonstrate the importance of such collaboration on successful patient outcomes through the BHICCI’s commitment to facilitating integrated healthcare and complex care management.
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