The BHICCI Roadmap

The BHICCI Roadmap offers guidance to health care organizations that are committed to providing integrated care for individuals who have complex medical and behavioral health conditions. Behavioral health integrated complex care is grounded in an understanding that  behavioral health and healthy behaviors are essential to health and wellness.

The Roadmap has been updated and organized to address: foundations for improvement as well as key practice changes in providing integrated complex care. Change activities are based on research and emerging best practices in integrated care.  While an overall sequence is recommended for testing and implementing practice changes, Roadmap domains such as leadership and team engagement, partnership with patients, and commitment to building a data driven and quality focused culture are both foundations for improvement and require an organizational commitment over time. In addition, implementation speed and scope of practice changes will reflect the capabilities and challenges of each organization.

Using the Roadmap

To access Roadmap domains on-line, click on one of the icons below.  Select a change area and then activities with time frames are highlighted.  Linked resources can be found on the right hand side of each domain.  A PDF print friendly version is located at the end of of each domain. We encourage you to get started in exploring and using this tool.


Click here or on the image above for a one page pdf of the summary image above.

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