Engage Teams

Phase I: Implementing Foundations for Improvement


Improve employee experience for better patient and system outcomes

July – Oct 2016

  • HCO leaders understand impact of team experience on patient outcomes and support employee experience expectations

Oct 2016 – Feb 2017

  • Team experience lead learns about impact of experience, process of measurement, and provides education and resources to team
  • Exp leader coordinates monthly survey, leads monthly team results review, and goal setting

Feb – July 2017

  • Continue to measure, test, and implement employee experience improvement strategies
  • Lead tracks participation rates and goal setting, including quarterly trends

July 2017 – July 2018

  • Experience lead and clinic manager test strategies for spreading clinic’s use of experience
  • HCO leaders build on results from measuring team experience to test and implement employee experience as a systemwide improvement strategy
  • Organization builds on outcomes from improved team/employee experience
Team communicates effectively within team, across clinic, and patients’ providers

July – Oct 2016

  • Clinic/site team assesses strengths and areas for improving team communications using experience measurement and team feedback
  • Design and test strategies to improve team communications (Example: SBAR, white board for tracking)

Feb 2018 – Feb 2018

  • Design, test and implement strategies for improving team communications across clinic and providers
    • Communication work flows
    • Clinic orientation to BHICCI
  • BHICCI team documents and shares communication improvement strategies with the clinic and, where possible across HCO programs.
  • Continue to refine and test employee experience improvement strategies and share results with HCO Exec Leaders.

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